Service Philosophy

EOL Parts specializes in the support of Self-Maintainers. We also believe in fixing the customer first, then the hardware. We understand that our customers demand high availability of their information technology systems.


We have Warranty service upgrades available which provide high levels of services for production machines that need rapid response, and a ready stock of dedicated field spares.


EOL Parts is dedicated to saving you money and lowering the cost of operating your I/T equipment. In today's economy, one of the ways that companies can save money is by leveraging your existing technical in-house staff for performing on-site repairs to I/T equipment. EOL Parts' support infrastructure is built to maximize the effectiveness of your in-house staff, without paying for services that you do not need.


EOL Parts has the experienced staff and knowledge to assist you in being successful in providing on-site services for your I/T systems.


Warranty Service Upgrade Option Overview

EOL Support is the  warranty services provider for machines that are under Warranty from, & Government Solutions. We stand behind the quality of the products they ship to their customers. The Standard Warranty, which is included at no additional charge on all full systems, sub assemblies and parts ensures that if the customer experiences any functional defect in the equipment anytime within 12 months of their purchase, we will repair or replace the failing part free of charge. In addition to the Standard Warranty support, EOL Support has developed a Warranty Service Upgrade option that is available for customers who have machines covered by our partnered hardware providers.  This options provide faster turnaround time, reduced customer shipping costs, additioanl periods of coverage, and other additional services that will enhance hardware availability in the event a repair is needed.


There are several advantages to selecting an EOL Support Warranty Service Upgrade Option. This optional offering provides you with piece of mind on turnaround of any needed repair parts as well as an easy way to budget for maintenance costs through a predictable, low cost, protected price for the period of service that you select. This Next Business Day service level option that is being offered gives customers the opportunity to purchase only that level of service that they need and to fit with their desired way of servicing the machine.  This offering is particularly suited for Self-maintainer customers and in that regard is unique within the computer service industry.


EOL Support recognizes there are many of our customers that have highly skilled technicians in-house and prefer to provide on-site repair labor skills themselves. Many maintenance service companies do not authorize anyone but their own field service staff to maintain the machines. At EOL Support, our unique self-maintainer options complement the on-site technician’s skills perfectly – at a competitive price.


Each of our offerings is available in two or three year contract lengths as well the one year warranty period  coverage. Longer term contracts contain additional pricing reduction incentives that are applied to the longer term levels of commitment.  Visit for additional information about all of out service options. If you a have an interest in one of these options, please email Jean Brennan   for additional assistance.


Protect your investment for the needs of your computing environment – be sure to select the warranty upgrade that best suits your uptime needs with a competitively priced service agreement from EOL Support LLC!