About Us

EOL Parts offers you the best services on the widest selection of brand name remanufactured computer hardware. Save up to 80% off the original list price of all Sun Products and Parts. We are a premier global supplier of Sun workstations, Sun Servers and Internet infrastructure hardware. EOL Parts provides our customers with the highest quality refurbished products paired with an unmatched host of professional services. Our world-class customer service is pivotal in the way we do business by putting our clients’ needs first; we focus on the end users’ desired result and work to make that happen in the most cost efficient manner.




Who pays attention to the "little guy" ?

Usually nobody. That is why we created EOL Parts.

Let me explain...

Most large computer manufacturers set up their sales force to sell large volumes of hardware directly to large corporate businesses. The majority of the manufacturers’ time, effort, and energy are focused on the smaller number of large-volume hardware buyers.

What about the rest of the business world?


Who supplies and services the small to medium-sized user with the same basic needs yet smaller budgets?

We do at EOL Parts. To us, size isn't as important as savings and customer service. YOUR SATISFACTION IS ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED

Our customers will be 100% satisfied with their purchases, as all our products come with a 12 month warranty. Our philosophy is that in times of trouble, we always fix the customer first. Please click to learn more about our RMA/Warranty policies.

If we ever fail to deliver on our promise to our customer, EOL Parts offers American Express gift certificates, compliments of our company, inviting the customer to dine anywhere in the world (transportation not included) in recognition of our customer's patience and continued business. Now that's putting your money where your mouth is.


We respect our employees, suppliers, and customers and desire that all of our associations enjoy working with us and contributing to the growth and viability of our organization. In addition, we provide our suppliers partnerships in which research and profits are shared as if they were employees of EOL Parts.


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